Bringing Medication Management Solutions to Your Home

You can have your medications sorted, packaged, and delivered directly to your home, saving you from making multiple trips to your pharmacy or re-filling pill boxes each week. We review, fill and deliver your prescriptions, making it simpler, safer, and more convenient to take the right medications at the right time.

After a comprehensive, in-home consultation by our clinician, we’ll enroll you in our medication management program. Once a month, you’ll receive a 30-day supply of all your medications directly to your home—in convenient, pre-sorted packets. Each packet, called a MedPak, will be clearly labeled with the date and time that the medications should be taken. In addition to their prescriptions, the MedPaks can also include over-the-counter medications and vitamins.

Our Service provides the following benefits:

  • Ensures the right medication at the right time, every time;
  • Eliminates the need to go to the pharmacy or fill pill boxes;
  • Reduces the risk of a medication error which could lead to emergency room visits;
  • Administers medication in a safe, portable, and convenient manner.
Packet in Hand